Welcome to the course!


The Announcements page will be where the Our Energy Future staff will post news, updates, and information relating to the course. To start off, please join the course Forum where you can ask course-specific questions. 

This course is made up of four separate units: 

  • Energy Production and Options for a Sustainable Future 
  • The Impact of Energy on Climate Change 
  • Economic and Social Issues of Energy 
  • Energy, Water, and Food Security
If you have not already done so, make sure to look at the Introduction and take the Pre-course Assessment. The course units will be available on Monday, June 9. Until then, feel free to let your friends, family, and colleagues know your're taking this course. The more people who are informed on the issues of energy, the better off our future will be! Is English not your first language? Change your language setting in the bottom right of the course site.

Pre-course Checklist
  1. Join the course Forum
  2. Go through course Introduction
  3. Take Pre-course Assessment
  4. Let people know you are taking the course! 

-Our Energy Future Course Team